Structuring consultant activities and assuring recruitment decisions

Discover how AssessFirst solutions have enabled the Attitudes AN Group to improve their consultants’ skills and structure their internal processes.

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Specialists in HR consulting (recruitment and training) for managerial and commercial sectors since 1993, Attitudes AN Group have focused on clear internal structuring processes in order to deliver the highest quality services.

As such, the firm equipped themselves with assessment solutions  very early on and quickly realized the benefits associated with their implementation, such as, the structuring of recruitment efforts, support for candidate exchange, tools that allow for a deep assessment of behavior and skills, to name a few.

For Christian Cazalot, founding President of the firm, this kind of solution has become essential. However, he adds, “We have always considered recruitment questionnaires as dialogue tools.” For him, “nothing will ever replace the human in a recruitment processes. The meeting between the candidate and the client is the key moment that makes the difference between a successful recruitment or not.”


“The Shape test allows our consultants to structure their approach to assure their decisions, and predict the future success of their candidates with greater accuracy.”

Christian Cazalot

Président, Attitudes AN Group

“Before working with AssessFirst, we used standard tests offered by historic publishers. When we discovered AssessFirst, we were impressed by the level of the results and the reliability of their system,” recalls Christian Cazalot.

As well as the quality of the systems offered by AssessFirst, which have obviously created a real difference, Christian Cazalot also remembers meeting the team. “The team was very nice, energetic and, above all, passionate. The vibe was passed on instantly.” For 12 years, a fruitful collaboration has been formed and Attitudes AN Group has seen the improvements from one year to the next. “Today, the gap in terms of innovation with more classical publishers has become stark. We would not consider going back.”

AssessFirst tools help our young consultants structure their interviews in a factual and objective manner, making them immediately operational and autonomous.


Now, AssessFirst tools are an integral part of the company’s recruitment process.

After successful telephone screening, candidates will automatically receive the Shape personality questionnaire to complete, and an invitation to interview with the company. When physical interviews have been completed, recruiters share their results with each candidate. For them, “it’s a pleasure to walk away with the record of the questionnaires because they don’t have the opportunity to take professional tests every day.”

Shape, the AssessFirst personality questionnaire, is a great tool for structuring interviews. It saves you time.

The various available Shape reports provide a real outlook of the candidate’s whole personality, and objectively target talking points for the interview.

For Christian Cazalot, “it’s important, when dealing with personality, not to leave the professional setting. These tools have been crucial aids in the training of our young consultants, helping them structure their interviews in a factual and objective manner, making them more quickly operational and autonomous.” For Attitudes AN Group, it is important that the candidate feel respected and that their experience be as pleasant as possible. Only then can recruitment be a true success.

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The AssessFirst solutions are constantly evolving, which is something we particularly appreciate.

In order to maintain the highest level in assessment, Attitudes AN Group regularly trains its consultants in new talent assessment methodologies.

Christian Cazalot says, “for us, training the the proper use of evaluation systems offered by AssessFirst was an indispensable prerequisite for use as part of our customer projects. Our consultants, some of whom are occupational psychologists, are all AssessFirst certified. Additionally, we have established a benchmark in terms of tests and assessment tools, guaranteeing good practices within the company.”


About Attitudes AN Group

Attitudes AN Group puts its expertise at the service of Human Resources.

Sensitive to the concerns of its customers in recruitment and the internal career development of its managers and sales team, Attitudes AN Group provides them with specific solutions in three complementary aspects: recruitment, skill evaluation and training. Each member of the team is an expert in the their sphere of intervention, with an objective regard for the their clients’ issues.

Attitudes AN Group’s objective is to enable their clients to reach their highest ambitions thanks to the involvement of their collaborators. For 22 years, the individual has been the central concern of Attitude AN Group’s missions. As such, the company is a founding member of the In Equal Skills association, which fights against discrimination and works to promote diversity in hiring. Attitudes AN Group is a founding member of the professional group Talentup, one of the French leaders in sourcing. Through this, the company is present on a shared website, disseminating their job offers with access to a shared database of 195,000 current CVs.

  • Methodology used : Predictive Recruitment by AssessFirst
  • Target population : Future managers and collaborators in a professionally mobile situation.
  • Questionnaire used : SHAPE by AssessFirst
  • Definition of search profiles: Job Profiler personnalized

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