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Since 2007, this fast food chain has recruited executives and managers using Predictive Recruitment, a methodology that allows for better engagement with big data. 

With 324 established restaurants, Quick has experienced strong expansion and recruits more than 100-150 executives and managers. With each recruitment, the goal remains the same: to “identify candidates who will be successful in position.” To meet this challenge, Quick uses Predictive Recruitment, a scientific method based on rational and objective data (pathway, personality, intellectual capacity and performance) to anticipate the future success of candidates. 


“At Quick, we use AssessFirst tools to avoid significant staff turnover in executive and managerial positions.”

Pascale Vincent

Human Resource Manager – Quick

“Before collaborating with AssessFirst, staff turnover was too high, especially in managerial positions. We didn’t understand why new recruits left so quickly,” recalls Pascale Vincent, Human Resource Manager.

At that time, the recruitment team worked with more classic personality questionnaires without a systematic use of collected data. It is why they decided to test Predictive Recruitment with AssessFirst. What followed was a phase of collection and analysis of internal data to identify the profiles most likely to succeed within the company.

At the beginning, we were surprised to see that positivity and the desire to keep moving forward were particularly distinctive criteria. We had never thought of it.


Using the predictive approach of AssessFirst, Quick have been able to successfully identify a profile of future collaborators they look for.

The creation of a personalised target profile allows Quick to target key personality traits for success in position, thus allowing the recruitment team to both save time and increase efficiency in the recruitment process.

Each year, there are 100-150 managers and executives who are recruited using the AssessFirst predictive approach.

Candidates are preselected by Quick recruiters and receive an online questionnaire, which is the same as that which is completed by collaborators already in the position. These results are cross-referenced with the predictive model defined earlier.

A summary is sent to nine people in charge of recruitment, which is used as a tool to help in the decision process. Each person has been trained to interpret the results and knows, notably, the good questions to ask to go further in the assessment of each one’s potential.

Since we put predictive recruitment into place, we have observed that staff turnover has dropped.

Since the implementation of this recruitment technique, Quick continues to monitor its employees, particularly during annual “talent reviews”, a  time when Human Resources evaluate the potential of each one.

This shows whether an employee is in the right place, and to suggest appropriate training or a department change. But mostly, it’s a good way to verify the effectiveness of the model.

“We have observed that staff turnover has dropped, and at this time, we  are working with AssessFirst to readjust  our “Job Profiler” to suit our changing needs,” says Pascale Vincent. Predictive Recruitment does not stop after hiring, but takes into account the ever-changing human nature. 


About Quick

Founded in 1970, Quick established themselves as the leading European fast food hamburger brand.

Quick has claimed the codes of a new kind of food service to deliver a new version that is adapted to European tastes and eating habits, more varied and more tasty, where the restaurant is a friendly place where we take our time. For Quick, the commitment to fast food applies to the service.

Through time, the desire to innovate, like the demand for quality and service, remain intact.

A shared taste, Quick is still the No.1 fast food chain in Belgium and Luxembourg, and No.2 in France.

  • Methodology used: Predictive Recruitment by AssessFirst
  • Target Population: Future managers and executives (head office & restaurants)
  • Questionnaire used: SHAPE by AssessFirst
  • Definition of searched profiles: Job Profiler personalized

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