What is Predictive Recruitment?

Recruit more reliable and engaged talents while reducing turnover for key positions


Predictive recruitment allows you to select people who will perform better and are more engaged in their jobs.

Select the best candidates based on objective criteria – not according to what recruiters or a third party may think. Our in-depth study of personal characteristics demonstrated by the most effective people for each job will allow you to find the best candidate for you.


“Predictive recruitment allows you to anticipate, in a reliable way, the capacity of people to succeed on the job.”


CEO & Chief Creative Officer @AssessFirst

Establish predictive recruitment in 3 steps

In three simple steps you too can harness the power of predictive recruitment. We will guide you through the whole process by defining your expectations and leveraging the strength of your HR data.


#1 – Understand what creates success.

This is done by correlating results obtained by employees who have been on the job for several months or years, with a variety of information regarding their profile (aptitudes, personality, motivation, experience, location etc).


#2 – Construct a predictive model of success.

Once the research phase is completed, the findings are translated into a graph which allows future candidates to be selected on the basis of the strongest criteria linked to success on the job.


#3 – Leverage predictive recruiting.

Future candidates are preselected by applying an objective filter that instantaneously distinguishes those who will be successful and those who have the highest likelihood for failure.


High quality talent pools.

Focus on relevant criteria (identified during the research phase) through objective and measurable data, that will allow you to detect candidates’ potential as well as their future success on the job.

Predictive recruitment results in a 12% improvement of your ROI for newly recruited employees.

Leveraging predictive recruitment results in a 12% operational performance improvement of new hires.

We will provide you with a realistic projection of ROI obtained following the establishment of the methodology within your company for specific positions for which you are recruiting.


In 90% of cases, predictive recruitment processes allow you to significantly reduce staff turnover.

We continuously improve the performance of our predictive recruitment model for each customer.

We compare the results obtained by employees recruited before the introduction of the predictive recruitment method, with those delivered by the new employees. This way we insure that our predictive recruitment model is always continuously optimized in order to make sure you only recruit the best candidates.

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