Standardize “Recruitment & Mobility” evaluation practices

Discover how Pomona standardized their recruitment and mobility evaluation practices at a team level.

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National distribution leader of professional restaurant produce, the Pomona HR team recruits 150 executives and manages no less than 180 internal mobility projects each year.

The team faces multiple challenges. On one hand, there was the difficulty of understanding personality, and on the other hand, the fact that operational staff are, by nature, very focused on their feelings, which sometimes complicates decision-making objectives. Moreover, the Pomona team wanted to have a common language between HR and operational staff. Above all, it was necessary for this language to be applicable, both in the recruitment context and the management of internal mobility projects.


“Using AssessFirst has allowed us to standardize our recruitment assessment practices in the management of internal mobility.”

Eric Mercier

Recruitment and Mobility Director- Pomona

“When  we decided to equip ourselves with a workplace behavior evaluation tool, we looked for a system that was reliable and allowed the teams to save time,” recalls Eric Mercier, Recruitment and Mobility Director.

Shape, AssessFirst’s personality questionnaire has quickly established itself as a comprehensive analysis of candidate profiles, strengths, weaknesses and detailed working styles in 12 key areas of working life, presented in a concise and extremely precise manner. Moreover, the training provided greatly facilitated the integration of the system by the Pomona teams.

We chose AssessFirst because Shape, their personality evalution system, is reliable, effective and easy to use everyday.

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Each candidate short-listed by Pomona took the Shape test before meeting anyone from the HR team. In this way, Shape can quickly focus issues to be addressed during the interview.

Another feature that is popular with recruiters is the possibility of comparing the profiles of each candidate to the criteria of desired behaviours, as well as being able to access lists of questions to ask during the interview, which delve deeper into particular aspects of candidate profiles.

AssessFirst’s innovative systems have enabled us to strengthen our appeal to candidates.

The integration of Shape into the mobility process has allowed for the substantiation of decisions and the building of tailored development plans.

Now, every collaborator who hopes to change positions within the company can complete the Shape questionnaire, after which, the collaborator’s profile can be assessed next to all open positions, in order to better anticipate their potential for internal progress.


Using Shape has enabled us to strengthen the link between operational and executive employees, and demonstrate our expertise with our internal clients.

After more than three years of successful collaboration with AssessFirst, Pomona continues to advance its evaluation practices.

For Eric Mercier, the benefits of collaboration are four-fold. “Firstly, our decisions are more reliable. Decisions are also more objective as they are now fully supported. Inn this way, we have managed to ensure complete HR and operational vision. The link with operational employees has been greatly developed. Finally, we have been able to improve skills and have even more legitimacy with our managers, for whom we recruit every day.”


About Pomona

Created in 1912, the Pomona Group is the leading national food products distributer for professional food services and related neighbourhood food trade.

Their action principles fix the commitment of their employees around the current mission to help professionals in the food industry better feed their customers.

This multi-specialist professional wholesaler demonstrates everyday its expertise in distribution activities, thanks to its network of experts based on strong local presence: TerreAzur, for fruit, fresh vegetables and seafood distribution; PassionFroid, for frozen products, fresh meat and dairy; Episaveurs, for delicatessen products, beverages and non-food products.

Recently established in the neighbourhood food industry, two complementary distribution networks have been created: Délice & Création, for craft bakeries and patisseries, and Saveurs d’Antoine, for butchers, delicatessens, and caterers.

  • Methodology used : Predictive Recruitment by AssessFirst
  • Target population : Future managers and collaborators in a professionally mobile situation.
  • Questionnaire used : SHAPE by AssessFirst
  • Definition of search profiles: Job Profiler personnalised

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