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Discover how AssessFirst solutions allowed Plastic Omnium Environment to fully engage their recruiters and candidates in their recruitment process.

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Plastic Omnium Environment, global leader in waste management products and services, uses AssessFirst HR solutions. Their objective is twofold: facilitate recruiter decision-making and modernise management methods.

Plastic Omnium Environment’s needs in terms of recruitment and retention are significant.

To meet these needs, Plastic Omnium Environment used to use “classic” recruitment tools, in the form of a shortlist provided by a recruitment organisation, managerial and HR interviews, debriefing, and then decision-making.


“Plastic Omnium Environment needed tools to facilitate and validate certain intuitions or recruitment decisions without allowing too much subjectivity.” 

Benoît Vanazzi

Human Resources Director, France, Plastic Omnium Environment

First seen as a solution to support recruitment, the use of AssessFirst tools has now extended to the management of careers.

For recruitment, each candidate preselected by a recruitment firm receives and completes the SHAPE personality assessment. The results are then used in the interview with the company to enrich the exchange with the candidate.

With regards to career management, the SHAPE personality assessment is used to perform diagnostics and identify development paths for a collaborator. In 2015, roughly 15 employees benefitted from this tool, and are essentially the executive managers of R&D, sales and support teams.

Our objective is not to find the perfect person, but to better understand the person in front of us.


Tests to facilitate a modernise HR management

The use of AssessFirst solutions was quick, taking two months in HR staff training. They were perfectly integrated with Plastic Omnium Environment’s recruitment process and HR management, constantly optimising and enriching them.

With the SHAPE results we create a transparent link with the candidate, who appreciates and keeps a positive image of the company.

Make HR decisions objective and implement a simple, quick and reliable solution.

Through its online platform, AssessFirst tools are easy to use and implement for both the recruiter and the candidate. They also save time in the long term. They make it possible to recruit people best suited to the company culture, who are more committed, and are more likely to stay five years as opposed to six months.

The AssessFirst questionnaires fully meet the needs of making recruitment decisions objective and understanding who the candidate really is. They qualitatively enrich the recruitment interview, which is traditionally seen as a subjective and opaque exercise.

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From now on we avoid making recruitment mistakes that both penalise the company and affect the candidate.


About Plastic Omnium Environnement

With a turnover of €386 million in 2015, and more than 2000 global collaborators, Plastic Omnium Environment supports local authorities in achieving their recycling goals, create reliable and aesthetic solutions that adapt to all types of environments, and provide general maintenance and equipment maintenance services. To meet client expectations in an even more specific way, we develop information systems to manage pre-collection and collection data.

  • Target population: Executive managers, sales function managers, support
  • Assessment used: SHAPE and BRAIN by AssessFirst
  • Definition of profiles sought: Personalised Job Profiler

More than 10,000 recruiters worldwide use AssessFirst to assess their candidates’ personality and potential. Join them today.