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Discover how LafargeHolcim standardizes the selection of their managers abroad.

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Each year, LafargeHolcim deploys numerous site workers worldwide. With budgets ranging from 50 to 500 million euros, and teams from 1000 to 3000 people on site, the recruitment of supervising teams is a key element in the success of projects.

These teams are essential because LarfargeHolcim must, for each site, “establish appropriate supervision to monitor and control everything so that the specifications are respected,” explains Philippe Meyer, Staffing Director for site teams. Each year, 150 tests are taken in order to build supervisory teams (50-70 people), which will operate in the worker groups worldwide.


“Each time we recruited someone who wasn’t within the model defined by AssessFirst, we had difficulties.”

Philippe Meyer

Site Management Staffing Director

For Philippe Meyer, the stakes are clear – they must be able to assure recruitments and minimize staff turnover among the workers.

“We must ensure that people have the natural behaviors that allow them to work in difficult environments, with people from different backgrounds and cultures, together as a team for two years as workers.”

To meet this need, LafargeHolcim uses the AssessFirst Shape personality questionnaire. It allows them to quickly assess the personality traits of candidates and identify warning points to question during the interview with project managers. It also offers the ability to identify those with high potential and loyalty.

Thanks to AssessFirst, from now on we have the ability to know who will adjust, or not, to the working conditions and life of a site worker.


Thanks to the functionality of Job Profiler, LafargeHolcim can quickly identify the profiles that will rapidly adapt to the working conditions of their position.

The creation of a personalized target profile allows LafargeHolcim to choose key personality traits for success on the job, simply by identifying warning points for each candidate.

The model is even culturally adaptable, as for example, in certain regions where it is important, “to be flexible and adaptable to understand what is wanted from supervisors and labourers,” explains Marion Chanteur, Staffing Director Assistant, Shape certified.

Shape is simple, fair and directly useable, thanks to its immediate feedback.

Thanks to the Talent Mapper module, the recruitment team is able to quickly identify the profiles that have the capacity to cooperate together efficiently.

Recruitment can be carried out throughout the two year duration of a project. LafargeHolcim uses Talent Mapper to see which new recruits will best integrate with the existing team.

Thanks to this functionality, “we can identify how people are and if their management styles will be complementary or not.”

Grâce à cette fonctionnalité, « nous pouvons identifier comment les gens se situent et si leurs styles de management seront complémentaires ou non ».


Each year, there are 80 to 100 people who are recruited to supervise construction sites all over the world.

Today, LafargeHolcim recruits its supervising teams with confidence. With the strength of AssessFirst solutions, the group ensures an adaptable and precise recruitment model that takes into account all the specific variables in their domain.

Thanks to Job Profiler, “we quickly detect who will not adapt to the worksite.” Philippe Meyer continues, “Every time we hired someone who did not fit the AssessFirst model we had difficulties.”

But for Philippe Meyer, beyond assuring recruitment, it is the simplicity, the operational side, the immediate feedback, and the fact of being autonomous (without a consulting firm), that is the true strength of the partnership with AssessFirst.

About LafargeHolcim

World leader in building materials, LafargeHolcim achieved a turnover of 31.4 billion euros in 2014, with a presence in 90 countries with 115,000 employees.

A major player in the cement, aggregates and concrete industry, it contributes to the construction of cities around the world with innovative solutions to make them more welcoming, more compact, more durable, more beautiful and better connected.

Equipped with the world’s leading research centre for building materials, LafargeHolcim places innovation a the heart of its priorities, working for sustainable construction and architectural creativity.

  • Questionnaire used : SHAPE by AssessFirst
  • Defined search profiles : Personalized Job Profiler 
  • Created complementary teams: Talent Mapper
  • Cultural adaptations: Analyze results adapted to the local context and worksite specificities.

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