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Inditex is one of the world’s largest clothing manufacturing groups. Today, it has more than 7,000 stores in 91 markets worldwide and achieved a turnover of 21 billion euros in 2015. Among its many recognised brands are not only Zara, but also Pull&Bear and even Massimo Dutti.



The challenge: identify the potential of sales managers and reduce staff turnover.

For the group, identifying high-potential managers is critical for their business. Especially since they have a high turnover rate for these people, over 20% annually.

In an ultra-competitive sector, Inditex is recognized for its particular attention to its customers. This focus is reflected in the organisation of the company, which seeks to stay in control of all the processes linked to their business. That’s why it’s crucial to be able to identify the talents who know best how to put themselves in service of the company’s culture.

Conscious of this need to recruit high-potential managers but also to ensure they’re engaged with the company’s vision, the London-based HR team has chosen to reinforce its already well-established recruitment processes with a tool that allows them to refine their expertise.

We needed a more precise understanding of who are candidates are, and to be able to predict if they would fulfil the criteria for the position.

We Make Success Predictable

The solution provided by AssessFirst

Accurately evaluate their candidates’ personalities.

Inditex discussed these challenges with AssessFirst: “We need to have a more accurate understanding of who these candidates are, and to be able to predict how well they’ll meet the criteria for the position” stated Cesar Serrano.

For this purpose, their Talent Centre uses the solution in order to provide detailed information about the personality makeup of their candidates and their correspondence with the company’s values. An extra step in the recruitment process, but not one that makes it significantly more intensive: “The time taken for the candidates to complete the questionnaire is very reasonable, especially considering the quality of information it provides” specifies Cesar Serrano. The HR team also saves time and can find a “a large amount of data, analysed and presented in a way that is easy and fast to interpret” he adds.

We Make Success Predictable

Results after 12 months

In the end, better qualified candidates, more accurate recruitment.

Today there are 9 people who work with AssessFirst’s solution – the director of the Talent Centre and 8 recruitment managers. The practice has even expanded as the heads of department concerned with recruitment are now also included in the evaluation process.

Thanks to this solution, Inditex can now focus on who their candidates really are in more detail, and be confidently sure that the person they recruit will be able to meet their expectations for the position, the company’s culture as well as being able to integrate into the existing team.