How to establish an effective prescreening process.


“Companies that put in place a predictive recruitment process select employees who are 25% more effective on average.”

David Bernard

Chief Creative Officer – AssessFirst

How do I identify the key success factors for my company?

To achieve this, have your employees (for example your sales staff) complete the AssessFirst personality questionnaire and collect the performance indicators for each of them (for example, the revenue they generate or the number of new accounts they opened every month over the last year). Once these two pieces of information have been collected, calculate the correlations between them.

Could certain variables interfere with the results?

Sometimes, certain contextual variables such as length of service, the geographical area in which people work and the type of manager supervising them can have a significant impact on individuals’ performance. This is why at AssessFirst, when we conduct a study for one of our clients, we routinely collect and study this type of data. As such, at the end of the study phase we will be able to tell you which personality traits are impacting your employees’ success for a given role, as well as which contextual variables are liable to change the impact that these personality variables have on their operating performance.

How will this change the way I recruit?

Once the predictive model has been established, all you need to do is ask each new candidate to take the AssessFirst personality questionnaire. Once a candidate has completed the questionnaire, you just have to compare their personal profile with the reference system of behaviors identified as being predictors of success. This comparison can be carried out individually (one candidate at a time) or collectively (for an entire group of candidates) using Job Profiler. A match rate relative to the predictive model will be automatically calculated for each of your candidates. This will allow you to immediately identify the candidates most able to succeed in the role for which you are recruiting within “your” company.

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