Discover what (really) motivates your candidates.

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The AssessFirst DRIVE Motivations questionnaire allows you to understand what influences people’s satisfaction and commitment, and the best way to manage them on a daily basis.

Designed around an original model of 20 key factors, it defines what really matters for individuals. The AssessFirst DRIVE Motivations questionnaire consists of 90 forced choice questions and takes less than 10 minutes to complete online. Available in six languages, it can be used to assess the motivations of any individual regardless of current position or level of experience.

DRIVE allows you to anticipate the integration capacity of your candidates on three levels: on the job, in the team, in the company.

The algorithms applied to process the responses provided by your candidates allow you to understand the types of activities that they are able to do, the management styles they most positively responds to, and the company cultures that are compatible with their fundamental values.

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“In 10 minutes you’ll have the impression that you’ve known your candidate for years.”

Chief Scientist – AssessFirst

With DRIVE, management effectively becomes accessible to the greatest number.

DRIVE allows you to access practical advice on strategies to use and concrete actions to put in place in order to make your future collaborations a success. This includes the type of tasks to entrust someone, how to ensure their cooperation, the type of supervision expected or the way they express their knowledge etc. It is all here before your eyes.

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Put DRIVE in the hands of your operational managers and let the magic work.

DRIVE was designed to be used by operational managers, regardless of their level of expertise in Talent assessment. The graphs are easy to understand, the working style of candidates perfectly explained, and management advice is written in clear language.

More than 10,000 recruiters worldwide use AssessFirst to assess their candidates' personality and potential. Join them today.