The personality assessment, reinvented.


The AssessFirst personality questionnaire allows users to understand how people behave, as well as how the way in which they naturally function impacts on their performance.

Based on the Big Five model, it explores 20 facets of an individual’s personality. The AssessFirst personality questionnaire contains 90 forced-choice questions and takes 10 minutes to complete over the internet. Available in 6 languages, it can be used to assess the personality of any individual, regardless of their job or level of experience.

You don’t need to be an assessment expert to understand the results of the AssessFirst personality questionnaire.

The results of the AssessFirst personality questionnaire have been formulated so that they can be analysed (and understood) by anyone, regardless of their level of assessment expertise.

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Profile Summary


This one-page summary provides a first impression of how a person functions and their natural talents. It is based on an original model of four factors represented in the form of the AssessFirst Circle Graph.

In-depth Analysis


The In-depth Analysis details how a person functions in terms of 20 traits. It represents their talents, their growth areas, their potential in 15 key skills and covers eight potential risk factors.

Key Behaviours


This type of analysis allows users to identify, at a glance, the behaviours that a person favours, as well as those that they avoid in 12 key areas of work life. The results are shown in the form of ultra-visual matrices.

Compatibility Report


The Compatibility Report compares a person’s profile with a reference system of behaviours required for a particular role. This report details the strengths and weaknesses for the role, as well as the questions to ask in an interview.


“Prepare to do far more than with any other personality questionnaire available on the market.”

David Bernard 

Chief Creative Officer – AssessFirst

Prescreen your candidates more easily.

Once your candidates have completed their AssessFirst personality questionnaire, Job Profiler allows you to compare their profiles with a reference system of behaviours that are sought after, or should be avoided, in one or several key roles.



Analyse your teams and simulate the integration of new individuals.

Talent Mapper has been designed to give you a comprehensive overview of a team’s functioning, talents and limitations in 12 key areas of work life. Talent Mapper also allows you to simulate the integration of a person into an existing team.

More than 10,000 recruiters worldwide use AssessFirst to assess their candidates’ personality and potential. Join them today.