Recruit people, not CVs.


AssessFirst lets you know who your candidates really are, beyond their CV, and to predict their ability to succeed on the job.

Once your recruiter account has been created, you can send the AssessFirst personality questionnaire to your candidates. It will take them less than 10 minutes to complete online. Our expert system analyses their answers and allows us to instantly send you their results.

We give you a one-page Profile Summary for each candidate!

This one-page Profile Summary gives you an impression of how each candidate functions based on a model of four key factors. It details their main talents in the three fundamental areas: Relationship with others, working style and management of emotions.


Based on their responses to the personality questionnaire, we ask your candidates to answer three questions recorded by their webcam.

Conventional personality tests don’t capture all key aspects of the job profile and the potential of your candidates. The video interview offered to each candidate at the end of each assessment allows you to see their profile from new angles, e.g. elocution, manner of presentation, reasoning, non-verbal language… all these and much more.

More than 10,000 recruiters worldwide use AssessFirst to assess their candidates’ personality and potential. Join them today.