“My name is David Bernard and I’m the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of AssessFirst. My role is to ensure that our users – recruiters and candidates – have an extraordinary experience.”

David Bernard

CEO & Chief Creative Officer @AssessFirst

My role at AssessFirst

At AssessFirst, I make sure that we devise systems that will result in the creation of an extraordinary experience for our users. This ranges from designing the interface to developing the marketing strategy and its operation, as well as considering the best ways to present the results of our assessments.
I work closely with people from Science and Innovation (to ensure that our products are both reliable and easy to use), as well as with those in charge of Business and Marketing.
I’m also in charge of strategic partnerships with third-party vendors (ATS and Talent Management Solutions).


As co-founder of the company with Alexis Teplitchi, I’ve been at AssessFirst since the beginning (2002).


What I’d like you to know…

When I founded AssessFirst, my ambition was to ensure that everyone could have the same opportunity as me: to do a job in which they have the opportunity to be themselves. It’s my belief that everyone who does a job in which they can utilise their personal qualities can have a powerful impact, while also being the happiest person in the world.

When you think about it, you spend a huge amount of time at work… So why not be happy there, right?

Today, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished with AssessFirst. More than 10,000 people already have an account with our solution. This means that 10,000 people are running between dozens and thousands of assessments every year. All of these people know the impact that personality can have on an individual’s success and growth in the workplace.

What excites me the most about all of this is that we’re only just getting started. With the version we launched in January 2015, we decided to switch to freemium mode. What this actually means is that from now on, any professional who needs to recruit can create an account on AssessFirst, assess their candidates and get totally free access to a summary that tells them about the profile of each of these candidates.

Of course, this is an effective way to ensure that as many people as possible use our service. However, for the team at AssessFirst it is above all a way to offer our contribution to making this world a better place, in which recruitment decisions aren’t made on the basis of prejudices or a 45-minute conversation, but rather on the basis of who the people applying really are.

We receive messages nearly every day, both from users who have found that “rare gem” or from candidates who have had the opportunity to get to know themselves better and work on their talents after taking our personality questionnaire.

For us, these messages are our greatest reward.


Contact me

You can contact me by email at dbernard@assessfirst.com, or call me on my direct line at +33 (0)1 72 77 31 53 or on my mobile if I’ve given you my number.

If I don’t get back to you promptly, if you have a business query or if it is particularly urgent, you can contact Alexandre Collignon on my behalf. Alexandre is our Chief Sales Officer and is in charge of business development.

As a last resort, call the switchboard on +33 (0)1 72 77 31 52 or send an email to hello@assessfirst.com. This address is the central point for all our customer and partner queries. All of the messages that are sent to this address are automatically scanned and analysed by keyword, then forwarded to the most appropriate person. This is very often the fastest and most effective way for us to process all of our users’ queries.

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