Come and change the world with us.


At AssessFirst, we’re committed to making companies exceptionally effective by enabling them to make better decisions about their personnel.

We’ve put together a team of highly talented and extremely passionate professionals who work every day on devising and bringing to market hugely innovative assessment solutions that are incredibly easy to use. Together, they also do everything in their power to provide customer service of an unrivalled quality.

If you’ve got the ambition to change the world for the better, join our team! Together we’ll enable companies to make better decisions about the selection, development and retention of their talents. Take a moment to look at our current vacancies. If none of the roles match what you’re after, use the contact page to tell us how you could make a difference at AssessFirst.

Jobs available

International Key Account Manager

  • English is your native language. Ideally you speak other European languages
  • Had one or more successful experiences in selling SAAS solutions
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • You enjoy advising and creating a bond of trust with contacts
  • You are passionate about the world of human resources and new technologies
  • You are optimistic, flexible, tough, and curious
  • Experience in selling HR solutions is a plus

Product Manager (US & UK Market)

  • Native American or English speaker and good level in French
  • Excellent knowledge of the American Business Culture.
  • Insatiable drive to build something important, and the intellectual honesty to measure success based only on results.
  • Background and/or relevant experience in HR and/or Business Psychology.
  • Effective listener and great communicator.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Team player and motivator.
  • Ability to partner with teams across an organization and influencing to achieve business results across multiple teams who may have different goals.
  • Ability to understand and discuss technical concepts, schedule tradeoffs and opportunistic new ideas.

We believe that the working environment we offer our employees has a real impact on their daily productivity and well-being.

This is where everything (or nearly everything) happens!


At AssessFirst, we don’t have a coffee, we enjoy a “Nespresso”. When you dry your hands, it’s with the world’s most sophisticated Dyson Airblade system. When you switch on the lights in the meeting room, the switch is made from the highest quality brushed aluminium. When you settle down to a meeting with your colleagues, there’s designer furniture.  Here, even the paper you’ll use to take notes is better than what you’ll find anywhere else! Some people think this is an unnecessary luxury, but for us it’s quite simply essential.

Having a nice place to work every day is all very well, but having the best tools at your disposal to do the job is even better!

At AssessFirst, all our consultants have the very latest MacBook Air. All of the software used by our team, from CRM to stats analysis software, is also among the most advanced on the market.

The AssessFirst benefits

When you choose to work at AssessFirst, you’re seizing the opportunity to make your contribution to a better world, giving yourself the means to fully utilise your talents and continuing to make further progress, now and into the future! There are also numerous tangible benefits.

Health Insurance

The health insurance system that the members of our team enjoy is among the most generous (dental care, eye care, etc.).


We pay 50% of everyone’s public transport fares (on provision of a receipt). Our offices are located in the heart of Paris, just 20 metres from the station “Grands Boulevards” (metro lines 8 and 9).

Restaurant Tickets

Every employee (excluding interns) gets a restaurant voucher for every day they work at AssessFirst.

An atmosphere like nowhere else !

Prepare to get up every morning with an irresistible desire to go – to rush, even – to the office to work alongside your fantastic and incredibly nice colleagues. Above all, we recruit people! Here, everyone has a certain “something” that enables them to make a real difference and be an asset to the team. We have no prejudices and set no limits. The only condition for joining us is to be brilliant and to have a strong desire to make a contribution. You’ll have undoubtedly realised that although we work incredibly hard, we also have an comparable desire to do so in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere that you’ll have rarely experienced in other working environments.

Our favourite places

Are you looking for a restaurant where you can sample one of the many types of food the world has to offer? Do you want to unwind in a pub with an electric atmosphere or have a drink on the terrace of a lovely café? Do you want to buy a few things before going home? Do you have a tremendous urge to go shopping that you need to satisfy right away? Everything you’ve dreamt of is less than 100 metres from our HQ!

Here are a few of the places we like to go to.

For a chic (or cheap!) lunch:


  • Le Brébant
  • L’Office
  • Le Richer
  • Sacré Frenchy
  • Maison F
  • Etc.

Good Value:

  • Bagels and Brownies
  • Bagels’s Family
  • Big Fernand
  • Little Fernand
  • Super Nature
  • Prêt à Manger
  • Etc.

For a drink (or two or three...):

  • O’Sullivan
  • Corcoran’s
  • Café OZ
  • Delaville Café
  • Le Brébant
  • Etc.

For some groceries:

  • Monop’
  • Carrefour City
  • Franprix

For shopping:

  • Printemps
  • Galleries Lafayette
  • Etc.